One of our customers gave the Spark Solar iPad Charger as a gift when he went to stay on a friend’s yacht in the Bahamas. Here is the message he got back a few weeks later:

Remember that solar charger you gave me? It’s cool, and cute. We used it a few times.

We were waiting for a weather window in grand cay north abaco. Our primary navigation tool is our laptop. It had been flaky for a week or two. A couple of days before a promising weather window I went to wake it up and the screen went purple with pink squares.

Not good. I downloaded weather on the iPad and decided to go for it, 350 miles or so. We navigated out a tricky cut with the iPad and headed offshore.

Fast forward a day and half. We go to charge the iPad with our 12v charger. It doesn’t work. No amount of wiggling the connections will get it to take a charge.

That’s when it dawns on me that without that iPad we are flying blind. All eyes turned to that solar charger. It worked.

The iPad charged and it’s charts brought us right into charleston right on schedule.

It’s cool, it’s cute but it’s no toy.

Screenshot of iPad Navigation App

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