What do you do when a large number of backpacks from your supplier arrive in the US with slight cosmetic defects? Thanks to the effort of a master assembler in our warehouse team, they ended up in good hands (no, we don’t go the Abercrombie and Fitch Route).

We recently shipped 100 Converter and OffGrid Solar Backpacks without the panels to Bagong Sicat Village in Nueva Ecija Province in the Phillipines. They arrived by motorbike delivery and were then distributed to the students. Our team member had taught in the region and knew that the school children had very little money and were using plastic bags to carry their notebooks and books to and from school each day.

We are excited to see the joy on the students faces and hope their new backpacks serve them well throughout their education.

Finally, here’s a video put together by our team member using the photos.

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