You might have noticed that phones have become a bit larger (a bit of an understatement). With that size comes a bigger battery that takes longer to charge from any USB output that strictly follows the spec. We made a couple of improvements to our V11 USB Battery Pack to help you keep up. This battery is available standalone, but is also in our Fuse 4W, Amp, Switch, Converter and OffGrid solar chargers.

1. Increased output from 650mA to 900mA – The battery now outputs higher current, allowing you to charge about 38% faster than with our old version and about 80% faster than a standard computer USB. Raising the current output also allows direct charging of devices like the Nook Color, the new iPad (aka iPad 3) and other devices that have raised their minimum charging thresholds.

2. New pin configuration for direct iPad Charging – the old V11 required our optional Apple Dock to charge an iPad 1, 2 and wouldn’t charge the new iPad. We’ve modified the USB pin configuration so that you can use the white USB cable that came with your iPad by connecting directly to our battery.

V11 USB Battery Pack

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  1. BatInTheStacks

    Will new orders of the V11 receive this upgraded unit? The product page still shows 600ma output.
    Also, will the V39 and V60 be upgraded with the pass-through circuit? It sounds like it makes powering devices during the day a lot friendlier.


    • admin

      Passthrough is in the V39, still working out the exact performance numbers. Let me find out on the V60, I know it is in the works but I don’t know the exact timing. Yes, powering devices during the day is more efficient, but sometimes the sun and are charging needs aren’t always in alignment so it is good to have both options. /jeff

  2. Jeremy Sark

    I just bought a switch and have the older battery pack. I will order the new battery within a fort night. I love you guys for your products the switch bag I have is great for my hour long hikes and keeping my cell and iPod charged.


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