How Our Take Back Program Works:

Each of our solar backpacks and solar chargers contain valuable components that can be useful for a long period of time. If the components for some reason do fail, they can be recycled to reclaim materials and process hazardous elements safely. If our bags are no longer in use, we would like them back so that we can distribute components to people and groups that find them valuable and make sure any other parts do not end up in landfills. As a thank you, we’ll send you a discount code for your next purchase plus a free return shipping label.

Where do the Parts Go?
When we get the bag or charger back, we’ll disassemble it and test all the components. Working solar panels, batteries, adapters and LED cables will go to educational groups, hackerspaces or for sale as used (and inexpensive) components on our site. Unusable components will go to our recycling partner, SIMS, in Edison, NJ.

How Do I Participate?
Email us at with your mailing address and description of the bag or charger you own and the item(s) you would like to return. Once received, we will issue you a special “Take Back” coupon valid on your next purchase. Due to shipping restrictions, this offer is for U.S. customers only.


Example of Discontinued Array Solar Backpack

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  1. Timothy P Sanchez

    I own a 3 panel 7.2v battery charger and would like to upgrade my charger to be able to charge my laptop.
    Thank you
    Timothy P. Sanchez

    • admin

      Hi Timothy, There isn’t really a good way to upgrade those original backpacks to charge a laptop. We have backup batteries for your 7.2V battery if that no longer works for some reason, but for laptops, you’ll need to get a Fuse 10W, Array or Generator. Thanks, Jeff


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