The American Climber Science Program uses science to improve conservation efforts in the high mountains of the world. The ACSP spent eleven weeks in Peru this year and climbed over a dozen peaks. According to John All, “We had fifty volunteers from the American Alpine Club, American Universities, Peruvian Universities, and general volunteers from places like England and Australia. Numerous students completed research for undergraduate Honors Theses, Master’s Thesis, and Doctoral Dissertations.”

solar charger peru

They brought with them a quiver of Voltaic products including the Fuse 10W Solar Charger, Amp, 16 Watt Kit, and 7 Watt Kit. They used them to keep their MacBooks, GoPros and other cameras charged.

These pictures were from the Llanganuco and Ishinca valleys.

solar macbook charger

solar charger check

In 2014, American Climber Science will “likely expand to include Aconcagua, Ojos de Salar, and several localities in Nepal.” If you’re a serious climber or environmental scientist, reach out to John All for more information. Their website is Follow on Facebook at

solar charger in camp


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