The New York Times had an article in the Sunday business section about how sustainability is tied to positive economics. We agree to a point and we’ll discuss some of these benefits in later posts.
Like the Nike jerseys used in the World Cup, our bags we use fabric constructed from recycled plastic bottles as opposed to virgin nylon. This fabric has the same weave, texture and toughness as a similar grade nylon, but uses substantially less energy to produce and reduces landfill waste. However, it is more expensive than nylon, not less.
Long term, we benefit from companies like Nike using fabrics made from recycled materials as they increase the global demand directly (large orders from Nike) and indirectly (its competitors and peers are now more likely to use RPET). When we started using RPET fabric in 2006, there were two suppliers in Taiwan. Now there are several to choose from in both Taiwan and in China — and costs are coming down, too.
If you are interested in producing large-scale runs of product using recycled PET fabric, feel free to contact us and we can put you in touch with our suppliers.

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