We left the house a bit earlier than usual today to support NYC’s Bike to Work Day in our own solar-powered way. We decked out our usual commuter bicycle with 60+ Watts of portable solar panels, 180 Watt hours of charging capacity, and lots of connectors to charge up smartphones, tablets and even a MacBook.

We started by going over the Brooklyn Bridge.

portable solar panels on brooklyn bridge

At the first tower, there were lots of kind folks from Transportation Alternatives and KIND Snacks. We also downed some cold brew from our favorite DUMBO coffee maker, Brooklyn Roasting Company.

kind snacks with solar and snacks solar Array on Brooklyn Bridge

Next, we headed over to the Staten Island Ferry Terminal. Definitely fewer bikers coming off the ferry than going over the bridge, but that gave us time to become a member of Transportation Alternatives.

solar-staten-island-terminal portable charging of smartphones

Finally, headed back over the Manhattan bridge to DUMBO. The re-fueling station on the Manhattan Bridge was packed and the stream of bikers coming over the bridge was nonstop.

trailer-design-advice solar bicycle trailer


If you’re interested in renting out this solar charging beauty, please email us.

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