Darren Alff is the man behind the Bicycle Touring Pro blog and also spends a large part of the year riding around the world on his bicycle. That’s why we were pretty excited when he did a review of our Fuse 4W Solar Charger.

solar power on bicycle solar charger on bicycle

Here’s an excerpt of what Darren says in his review: “It used to be that when the battery in my camera, GPS, MP3 player or whatever electronic gadget I had with me would start to get low, I would have to seek out some kind of public business (a restaurant, supermarket, fast food chain, campground, etc) where they would let me plug in my charger and device. Then I would either have to sit there with the charger for several hours while it regained power, or I’d have to leave the charger and my valuable electronic item in the care of some stranger, and I’d be worried about it getting stolen, lost or broken while it was out of my care.”

Here are some nice shots of the charger in action. Note that when you are charging camera batteries from the Fuse 4W’s solar panels, you’ll want to disconnect the Voltaic battery so that all the power goes into the camera battery.

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