Francois de Ruydts capturing the Brooks Mountain Range

This past July, Francois-Xavier De Ruydts and his documentary crew helped narrate the journey of Arthur, a 21 year-old paraplegic, who’s dream was to cross the Brooks Mountain Range in Northern Alaska. Arthur and the crew spent a month in the Alaskan Range, which included a 10 day walk and 10 day Packraft expedition. To keep his Nikon DSLRs powered up throughout filming, De Ruydts used our faithful 17 Watt Portable Solar Kit.

All photos shown were provided by Francois-Xavier De Ruydts.

Voltaic Solar Charger in the Alaskan Brooks Range Our 17 Watt Solar Panel Kit making the most of the Alaskan weather.

According to De Ruydts, “The system worked great in Alaska… We didn’t see the sun much but I was able to keep shooting thanks to the Voltaic system.”

Dreaming Big in the Alaskan Brooks Range with Voltaic Solar Charging Panels

With it’s compact and durable design, it’s no surprise that our portable panel weathered the Alaskan journey.

For more photos of Arthur’s Alaskan Brooks Range Trip click here. For more information on their documentary ‘The Power of Dreams’, visit the crew’s page here.

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