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The Fuse Solar Charger is designed to, well, fuse to nearly any object. Below are three ways to connect it securely to a backpack including a technical hiking bag and a military bag. Look at the setup configurations, watch the videos and if you have any questions about how to attach it, let us know.
The Fuse is equipped with three straps (two 1 inch and one 3/4 inch) and a series of clips. The most important thing to understand is that each part of each clip can be removed from the strap and attached elsewhere. This creates a lot of flexibility. These instructions can be modified to let you attach to a bike rack or tent, etc.
The Technical Backpack: We attached both pieces of 1 inch webbing at the bottom of the Fuse and threaded the 3/4″ webbing across the top as in the picture below. We attached the female end of the clips at several attachment points on the bag and then simply clipped in.
Here’s the video:
The Military Bag (Molle): We attached both pieces the 1 inch webbing at the top of the Fuse and removed the male 1 inch clips from the end of the webbing. We attached the female 1 inch clips at the bottom of the case. We then wove the webbing through the Molle strapping, re-attached the male 1 inch clips and then clipped into the bag. Pulling hard on the straps secured it tight to the bag.
Here’s the video:
The Basic Backpack: We created a loop out of the 3/4 inch webbing and threaded it through the top of the Fuse to attach to the top handle of the backpack. We then attached the 1 inch webbing to the bottom of the fuse with the male 1 inch clips at the end. We attached the female 1 inch clips to the bottom of the shoulder straps and clipped in.
Here’s the video:

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    • admin

      Hi James,

      Yes, the Fuse 4W will changer an iPad 2 about 1/3 full when its battery is fully charged. If you want a bigger battery, there is an option to upgrade to the V39 battery which will provide a full iPad 2 charge. Charge time from the direct sun will be 20 hours in each case. If you need faster charge times, you can upgrade to models with 8+ Watts. /jeff

  1. gugu

    Hi, I’ve two questions for you:
    1. Can I charge rechargeable NiMh 1,2V AA batteries? Or should I buy an adapter?

    2. I live in Italy and I’d like to buy the fuse solar with the V39 battery upgrade and the sony adapter SONYNPFW50 for my camera. Do you know which italian store has all these products?

    thank you.

  2. Henry Derpington III

    How do you connect the Fuse to a backpack if your backpack has no buckles or isn’t a military backpack? Can you in the first place?


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