The iPad competitors seem to be arriving now. On the new Samsung GALAXY, it appears that it will also charge from USB as the car charger on the accessories tab connects to a USB charging cable. If anyone has any details, please let us know. We’d love to test our USB battery and 4 Watt chargers on the new tablet.

Update: The Galaxy has its own 30-pin proprietary adapter on the end of its USB cable. It is designed to connect to a “high-power” USB port that outputs 2A vs roughly 0.6A for a normal USB port. Customers report that the Galaxy will trickle charge when off from a normal USB port but that the battery will not charge when running. Trying to determine time to charge time when tablet is off as well as whether the power from a normal USB port keeps the tablet at the same battery level (or slow the descent) when running.

samsung galaxy charger

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  1. M

    Lots of issues finding car charger plug with USB on my Galaxy Tab from VZW. Tested a few types, branded to support Galaxy Tab and none worked. Skeptical now. Today bought car charger from VZW, but frustrated without USB capability.

  2. Davyd

    i having same problem I even searched and was led to believe that belkin F8Z445 was compatible after ordering and waiting few days finally arrived and was disapointed that it didnt work same problem with all my usb chargers.
    so I used multimeter on orginal plug and found data ports are both got 1.25v dc on plus of course the the 5v (5.3ish)
    i have found a workaround (seems 2 work so far) but I got usb socket with 5 volts converter and I soldered 2 pins inside (data wires) and sometimes plug in n out then it charges ok.
    i even tested on iphone plug in wont charge until I had both data ports shorted.



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