At CES earlier this year, we tested all of our batteries against the Nook Color and none of them seem to charge it…well it seems like we stumbled on a solution. (btw: We tested hundreds of devices that charged from USB and the Nook Color was our only “negative” at the show)

We recently changed the pin voltages on the USB output of our V11 USB Battery so that it works better with the iPad. When we tested this new battery with the Color Nook (model# BNRV200) it successfully charged the Nook when using the Nook supplied USB cable.

What Works with the Color Nook: V11 or any of our 4 Watt solar chargers will work, i.e. Amp, Fuse, Switch, Converter, OffGrid.

What Doesn’t Work with the Color Nook: Our current AC and DC USB Chargers, our V39 battery – again this only applies to the Color Nook which is an exceptionally “picky” device.

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