Social Bicycles released their revamped design for their bike sharing platform. It is a “GPS-enabled bike that you can find and unlock using your mobile phone.” What we like about it is that it enables companies, organizations and institutions of any size to easily create and manage their own bike share program. We think it also provides a great user experience.

The GPS locator and lock are powered by a battery system which is in turn powered by a dynamo and our 2 Watt solar panel. i.e. if the bike isn’t in motion for several days, the battery is going to stay powered up and transmitting its location.

They’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund initial production of bicycle components, PCB boards and some additional software work. Contribute today to help make bike sharing more widespread.

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    • admin

      They’re not available yet, that’s a prototype you see in the pics. They’re working on getting them into production.

  1. Zarah

    Extremely interested in starting a bike program using this. Please send me info about your prices etc.

    Thank You


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