Photographer Dave Hoggan recently returned from a shoot in Northern Ethiopia. He shares a full review of our 17 Watt Solar Charger as well as some great pictures from the field. He was using the charger to power his MacBook Air, Canon 7D and 5D and lots of smartphones.

The system was very useful, “By day three the lack of camera battery charger would have been catastrophic to the shoot and shots like this would have been missed”

solar panel mounted on roof of 4 wheel drive vehicle for camera and phone charging

Dave devised a system to attach the 17 Watt panel to the roof of the truck. As an alternative, these threaded magnets can attach directly onto all our panels’ mounting screws (get the #4-40 internal thread).

solar panel with magnet attachments

The panel connected to the battery pack via our 10 foot extension cable. This allowed for easy access to the battery and kept the temperature of the battery a bit lower.

battery pack for power on expedition

The magnet mounting system meant that the system could be easily removed and placed in optimal location for the sun.

solar panel for camera charging

Thanks to Dave for sharing the photos and review.

photograph by Dave Hoggan

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